UAS Training

We offer two different flight/operations training programs depending on your needs: a 3-day program, and an advanced 5-day training program.

The 3-day program includes:

  • Safety
    • Airspace Management
    • Checklists and Vehicle Documentation
    • Area Awareness
    • Emergency Landing and Awareness
    • Autopilot Systems Verification
    • Maintenance, Storage and Setup
    • Battery Maintenance
  • Assisted Mode Flight
    • Takeoff, Landing and Shutdowns
    • Maneuvering and Positioning
  • Mission Mode Flight
    • Positioning and Maneuvering
    • Software “Black Box” Uploads and Downloads
    • Photo Gimbal Setup and Camera Usage
  • “Hands On” Operations

The 5-day program covers all the topics listed above, as well as:

  • Advanced Safety
    • Airspace Management
    • GPS Off Awareness and Situation Review
  • R/C Flight
    • Advanced Maneuvering and Positioning, GPS-Free Flying and Usage
    • Autopilot Mission Flying with Interrupt and Continue
    • Photo Management with Autopilot
    • Custom Payload Management
  • Advanced Autopilot and System Training
    • Advanced R/C Autopilot, UAV Positioning and Maneuvering
    • Software “Black Box” Uploads, Patches and Downloads
    • Photo Gimbal Setup and Camera Usage
  • Ground Station Mission Setup
    • Full PC Mission Setup and Planning
    • Map Calibration and Waypoint Management
    • Downloading and Customization of Missions to and from the UAV
  • Vehicle Support with “Hands On” Operations
    • Advanced Maintenance, Storage, Setup and Troubleshooting