COA Application Consulting:
Any public agency wishing to implement a UAV within their department must obtain a Certificate of Authorization, otherwise known as a COA, from the FAA. Time frame to get approval from the FAA for a COA can range anywhere from 60 to 120 days. Detroit Aircraft will work with your agency in all phases of the COA process, from first application to final approval, to help ensure its timely approval.

Integration Planning:
Jon Rimanelli discusses the benefits of UAS.Detroit Aircraft has combined experience of well over 20 years in unmanned systems integration. We have former military members, firefighters, EMTs, hobby fliers, and manned aircraft pilots who will leverage their expertise with unmanned systems to ensure your agency integrates unmanned aerial systems using current tactics, techniques and procedures and industry best practices. Detroit Aircraft works with agencies in the planning and integration of UAVs and data collection into their existing frame work.

Sensor Data Capture & Post Processing:
Detroit Aircraft can supply an agency with data from a variety of cameras and sensors. Whether it’s an aerial view of that new industrial complex, a live image of a fire, a new area to be mapped, or hyperspectral view that “sees” what you can’t, we can provide you with real time data that can be recorded and processed.

Detroit Aircraft provides an initial 3 day training course for small quad rotors, as well as periodic refresher courses to maintain operator currency standards. Training can take place at the Detroit Aircraft facility or at your location. Advanced operator’s classes are also available, as well as instruction on advanced maintenance and repair.

Detroit Aircraft has its own maintenance and repair facilities. Our team of highly skilled engineers and technicians keep your system up-to-date with minimum downtime by keeping repairs in house.

Rapid Prototyping:
Detroit Aircraft employs a team of engineers and designers that can bring your concept from paper to reality. Even if you already have your design, our rapid prototyping equipment, which includes 3D printers and CNC milling, can produce small quantity parts in less than 24 hours.

Custom Design:
Need help with turning your idea into a product? Detroit Aircraft has the people and equipment to help you get your prototype ready for production.

With electronic and mechanical assembly areas contained within our own facility, we are able to manufacture your product with oversight and precision, ensuring a quality result. Having all stages of assembly in house will keep your costs down too.

Flight Testing:
If you have a design already complete, Detroit Aircraft’s team of experienced operators and access to controlled airspace allow us to put your system through its paces. Our aerospace team can also provide feedback and help with redesign to improve flight performance and efficiency.